Praise for
One Potato, Two Potato

Nigella's Cookbook Picks
"Wonderful example of the single-subject cookbook."
—Nigella Lawson, People

The Year in Books 2001
"Finamore and Stevens offer this encyclopedic tribute to the most humble—and comforting—of vegetables."
Publishers Weekly

"Everything you could want from a potato, really, with a startling lack of contrivance, given that the book features 300 recipes for potato dishes. There's nothing fancy or pioneering here . . . . Just terrific recipes and tips."
—Corby Kummer, The New York Times

"In my kitchen at least, it's destined to be manhandled for years to come, until it turns into a splattered relic with a torn cover and crumbs between the pages. Such an inglorious but afftectionate end will be fitting enough for this loving tribute to the humble spud."
—Susan Chang, The Boston Globe

"These knowledgeable food editors . . . serve up a whopping 31 recipes for potato salad in their book One Potato, Two Potato. Their pot boils over with such creative concoctions as a Roasted Sweet Potato Salad with Orange Marmalade Dressing, Potato and Chickpea Salad with Tamarind Dressing, and Lobster and Potato Salad with Tarragon.
Christian Science Monitor

"Praise be, too, to One Potato, Two Potato."
—Raymond Sokolov, The Wall Street Journal

"Finamore and his writing partner, Fine Cooking magazine's Molly Stevens, give readers options galore in preparing this multi-functional food."
—Althima Chansanchai, The Baltimore Sun

"To me, this book comforts like a fleece blanket. No matter how classical the technique or recipe, there's no arrogance or superficiality. It's all about potatoes."
—Hsiao-Ching Chou, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"Maybe it was the glossy photo of a rustic leek-and-potato tart, but something about One Potato, Two Potato has had me returning to its pages again and again. Who would have thought a book about potatoes could be so appealing?"
—Greg Atkinson, Seattle Times/Post Intelligencer Magazine

"A 574-page celebration of the spud."
—Town & Country

"Roy Finamore's new book makes carbs look good again."

"It is packed with information and recipes, with enough variations, anecdotes, and serving suggestions to make them totally accessible for the home cook. Like Finamore himself, the recipes' headnotes are personable and fun."
—Barbara Albright, Associated Press

"Leave it to distinguished cookbook editor Roy Finamore and Fine Cooking magazine's Molly Stevens to dig up and spice up the goods on the spud."
—Judy Bart Kancigor, The Orange County Register

"One Potato, Two Potato excels in the breadth and richness of its recipes, as well as its fine and immensely readable attention to its subject."
—Arthur Boehm,